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Case Study – Corporate Design

Playground for adults

First, there was a bike

The Tyrolean village Sölden is known for winter sports, however it wanted to appeal to tourists all year round. It was our challenge to boost summer tourism and shift the focus from skiing to biking.


Design big, or go home

BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN already existed, but it was missing a strong and unique brand presence – until we entered the stage.

Everything flows

We conceptualized a rider-tailored corporate design. With its designs, language and creative features it opens imaginary gates to the BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN. Riders receive a unique bike-passport and with it citizenship to the republic – so they immediately feel welcome.

It was also important to stay connected with the regional style, so trail names are in Tyrolean dialect and signposts are typical alpine stone figurines.

Every detail of this brand design was created with lots of love for the riders and the Alps.

Welcome home

With BIKE REPUBLIC SÖLDEN, bikers from all over the world have found their new favourite playground. The only two-wheel republic in the Alps is now a big player in the biking sports industry.